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Help Us Save More Dogs

These are the 6 dogs we have in the rescue that need adopting; Sasha, Charlotte, Asher, Tony, Layla and Ana. We are in need of funds to continue caring for these pups. We have been unable to accept any new dogs in the rescue since October due to unforeseen boarding costs that have been an incredible expense for the rescue. Tony STILL remains in boarding (although we are hopeful he will be out soon). Each dog requires monthly supplies and a few are in need of medical treatment.

  • Layla will be seen by a new vet for a suspicious lump on her neck, as well as her ongoing skin issues. She will be seen at Florida Wild Animal Hospital.
  • Ana has several medical conditions that are ongoing. She needs to be seen by our vet for some concerns about her eye. She is also due for her annual vaccines.
  • Tony remains in boarding- currently at Pine Ridge Animal Hospital.

The costs in boarding have been a huge burden to our rescue, on top of our regular ongoing maintenance for our dogs. If you would like to donate directly to one of our vets (we use several), please email us and we can give you the contact info for phone donation or you can always make donations via PayPal at [email protected]

Our Fundraiser